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Try our virtual walks in the Stockholm area. Hopefully these samples will provide a small taste of the real walk. These are low-tech virtual presentations, even simpler than a slideshow. A one-page document format so you can scroll through (walk through) at your own pace (without stressful banners, moving slideshows or sliding text).

But, pictures on a screen and added sound should in no way be seen as substitute for the real thing, not even if you have a high definition screen and super speakers. Our tendency to be more and more "glued" to screens is a part of our problem - i.e. our disconnection from nature. Yet, to entice you to get out into the real natural world, we invite you to test our virtual samples of a walk in the woods.

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Our virtual walks:

Hansta nature reserve, city of Stockholm (spring). An incredible walk that takes you from oak and hazel groves with a carpet of anemones to deep pine forests and open meadows. >>>

Judarskogen nature reserve, city of Stockholm (summer). A fantastic walk where you are totally embraced by nature. After you enter the forest you can't see anything of the city. We have the sound of the city in the background, but the sounds of nature dominates. >>>

Kyrkhamn new nature reserve, city of Stockholm (fall). Here we can find a lot of silence and the scenery by Lake Mälaren is spectacular. >>>

Winter in Kyrkhamn, city of Stockholm (mid winter). The same trail but on a cold winter day, a totally different experience. >>>

Nötbacken in the Igelbäcken nature reserve, city of Sundbyberg (fall). A very accessible walk with some remarkable nature. Roads surrounds this area and the level of silence is very dependent on the weather and wind direction. >>>

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Guide to Silence Stockholm - here you can download a PDF copy of the folders covering 11 areas and 22 walks:

Älvsjöskogen (PDF folder)

Årstaskogen (PDF folder)

Flaten (PDF folder)

Grimsta (PDF folder)

Hansta (PDF folder)

Igelbacken (PDF folder)

Judarskogen (PDF folder)

Kyrkhamn (PDF folder)

Kyrksjölöten (PDF folder)

Nackareservatet (PDF folder)

Sätraskogen (PDF folder)