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What's next? How can the Guide to Silence project move forward? Regardless of how nice plans, perfect strategies and grandiose visons we have for the future, it is always to a large extend unknown. We can only work from where we are and what we know right now.

Our aim is to: 1. Encourage people around the world to find outer silence and inner stillness. 2. Give more people daily access to calm green spaces. 3. Bring awareness to the need to protect calm green spaces inside and outside cities.

We think that the Guide to Silence project can be one part in building a calmer, friendlier, greener, more sustainable world.

Do you find the Guide to Silence project interesting? Do you have your own calm places? Do you have suggestions of cities of the world that should be considered for a Guide to Silence project?

The Guide to Silence is a non-profit project and we are right now forming a new organisation.  Contact us if you have ideas of how to evolve the Guide to Silence idea or just want to know more.

e-mail:, phone: +46-730-461377, twitter: @GuideToSilence.

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